Unboxed !

Hi guys! Its been a little over 3 months since I have started KB Kulture and its been a great journey so far…….today’s post isn’t much about fashion, it’s a little about my journey and some other fun stuff.

I’ve always been a little scared to experiment with my looks or try new styles but over the past couple of months it’s been amazing to see myself open up to experimentation. The look that I put together for this post is something I never thought I would wear and pull off but thanks to my team it turned out better than what I had expected. Pheew!!! ☺

Shooting different outfits is a lot tougher than it looks. For this shoot we travelled all the way to Manori beach for the perfect location. I’ve wanted to shoot something conceptual and I came across this silver makeup look which really inspired me to create a look around it. Zara, my go-to place was where I found this silver off shoulder top and these stunning culottes. Although the outfit was quite bling, I wanted the shots to be earthy and skipping accessories was the perfect decision.




Top and pants- Zara

This shoot was an amazing experience! It really taught me that trying new things might work well and I’ve been doing that since then. Thanks to my amazing makeup artist, Zeenat and photographer, Rahool this shoot was my best shoot to date.

My heartfelt message to you, therefore, is don’t set self-imposed limits on your style. Don’t box yourself into anything. Try new things. Experiment. Express yourself!!


I hope you’ll enjoyed the post,

Until next time,

Stay fashionable, stay stylish,


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