Pretty in Pink

Rock the latest trends that all the celebrities have been wearing with KB Kulture. Culottes are one of the most popular pieces of clothing this season and I couldn’t be happier. The comfort that they provide is just fab and they look amazing at the same time.

Being a fashion-obsessed girl, I keep taking inspiration from the various looks I see on social media. I saw the stunning Kendal Jenner rock a super chic outfit which inspired me to create this look which is surprisingly very easy to put together.


Ever since culottes have come into fashion, I’ve been trying them out from many brands and the ones that I loved the most are from Zara. A basic white or black is quite easy to style…so today I wanted to show you’ll how to rock a bright pink in a chic way.

The best way to look good and feel confident in a bold colour is to pair it with a classic colour like white or black. For this look, I went with a lace white top to add some texture to the outfit and paired it with my white sneakers.

Keeping the accessories very minimalistic with my staple diamond earrings and a watch to keep the attention to the bright colour.


Top, pants and sneakers – Zara

By the way, I grew up as a pink-obsessed little girl…it was the only colour I loved and at least one thing I wore on my person at all times had to be pink…I couldn’t stay without pink ☺. Nor should you…try pink from time to time. Pink is pretty and pleasant.

I hope you enjoyed this post !

Until next time,

Stay stylish, Stay fashionable,


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