Look pretty & Enjoy life at your local ADDA Ft. Bombay ADDA

Planning to go out with your boyfriend or even just your girls, and can’t think of any new places? Check out Bombay Adda! The perfect place not just for a casual dinner but also to party.

Its been just a couple of months since Bombay Adda was launched and I’ve been there 3 times already. Its my new fav place! It is located in Bandra at Linking road and has a rooftop as well as another indoor floor – beautifully spread out with some amazing interiors. They serve some delectable stuff with my favourites being their pizza, chicken caesar salad and pasta. Also, make sure you try their cocktails, they have a unique twist to them.  Try Bombay Adda this weekend…I am optimistic that you will love it.



I also wanted to share with you’ll one of the outfits I wore there. This one is especially for my girly girls out there. A soft pink skater skirt with a cute white crop top which will never fail you. My hair was with a twist on one side and pinned behind. Pinkish nude tones were dominant in my makeup look!  It is super cute, girly and feminine!


Top- Hollister
Skirt- Charlotte Russe
Bag- Michael Kors
Flats- Forever 21


Bandra has got itself a new place with elite crowd, amazing food, lovely ambience and impeccable service!

Hope you enjoyed this post,

Until next time,

Stay tuned, stay fashionable,


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